Chews Elementary
Since the eighteenth century, education has been integral to the growth and development of Gloucester Township. Records from 1790 indicate there was a log school built in the field across from the Chews Landing Tavern. Over time, several schools were built and expanded to accommodate the growing population.

In 1958, a modern 12-room school was built on Somerdale Road. Named for its geographic location in the township, Chews Elementary School enrolled its first students. Since that time, there have been three major additions to the school.

Today Chews Elementary School has over 40 classrooms and a student population of more than 660 children in grades PreK-5. Our excellent reputation continues to be a reason people choose to settle in Gloucester Township.

Chews Elementary School Principals:
Mr. Robert Salati: 1958-1962
Mr. Nicholas Sferrazza: 1962-1964
Mr. Leon Shedloski: 1964-1985
Mr. James Palmer: 1985-1998
Mr. Michael Bohonko: 1998-2001
Mr. Neil K. Clancy: 2001-2007
Mrs. Tracy J. Elwell: 2007-2010
Mr. David Hinlicky: 2010-2018
Mr. LaWayne Williams 2018-Present