Loring Flemming Elementary
Loring Flemming Elementary School was built in 1976. The school was named in honor of Myra Loring, Catherine Flemming, and Rachel Flemming, former school district principals. Their devotion and commitment to education and students in Gloucester Township were hallmarks in the district for close to 50 years. An addition to the Loring Flemming School was built in 1988 significantly increasing the building’s size.

Mr. Andrew Kelly was Loring Flemming’s first principal and he remained the educational leader of the school for 25 years until his retirement in 2001. Mr. Kim Capone succeeded in 2001 and remained in the position until 2006. Ms. Patricia Ferrier was the school’s third principal having held the position from 2006 through 2013.  In February of 2013, Mr. Aaron Rose became Loring Flemming's fourth and current principal.