Blackwood Elementary


Blackwood Elementary School was constructed on the Blenheim-Erial Road in 1958. It was built at the same time as its sister school in Chews Landing. The new school contained thirteen classrooms, one all-purpose room, one teachers’ lounge, one nurse’s office and one administrator’s office. An addition of eight classrooms was made to the Blackwood Elementary School in 1960. It soon became apparent that a future annex to Blackwood Elementary School would be needed. The annex was constructed in 1980, enlarging the school by ten classrooms, one all-purpose room, one library, one teachers’ lounge, kitchen/cafeteria and additional rest room facilities. In 1985, the interior of the old All-Purpose Room was reconstructed into four special classrooms (two rooms for Special Education classes and two for the Basic Skills Improvement Program). In 1995, a new Gymnasium was added along with an office, storage facilities and 5 new classrooms.