Gloucester Township Elementary

Mission Statement

The mission of Gloucester Township Elementary School is to provide an education program for all its students. This program endeavors to build a strong foundation of academic knowledge & learning skills with a clear understanding of outstanding citizenship. Our school will work to create a sense of responsibility in its pupils with a sensitivity & understanding toward others. The elementary aged student will need these skills to be successful as their education proceeds and throughout the rest of their life.

In order to accomplish this, our school will engage and combine all components of the elementary school community. These components will work together to provide the best learning environment for all our students and help each of them to achieve their full potential.

Gloucester Township Elementary School is will continue to maintain itself as a Professional Learning Community that is constantly growing, innovating, and working collectively to serve its students, staff, and families.

It is the expectation and goal of Gloucester Township Elementary School that all students will achieve the New Jersey Student Learning Standards-NJSLS at all grade levels.