Erial Elementary
Clubs-5th Grade Students 


Men of Distinction-Steve Miller: This all boys club will meet and discuss what is expected from then as future men in our schools and society. It is a club that will build trusting relationships with one another to rely on for support and be role models for our school and community.

Braids an Books-Maryanna Capone: This all girls club will meet and discuss issues like internal beauty, self-worth and confidence while learning new hairstyles and how to use styling tools!  I'm encouraging girls to come with questions about self-care, body image, and how to look and feel your best!


Board Game Club-Jen Silkowski: The concept of the activity is to have the students engage in working together to learn board game rules and social skills. This activity would consist of between 15-18, 5th Grade students.

Cool Calm & Collected Club-Carrie Colaianni: This club will help students identify their strengths, discuss conflict resolution skills, and learn how to cope with various struggles in life. Students will have fun learning strategies to live a cool, calm, and collected life! This club will run both Fall & Spring with ~8-10 students for each session.

Art and Creativity Club-Jen DiSanto: This club will help students stimulate their creative side while keeping them entertained at the same time. This club will take them outside to explore nature and paint items they find while discussing patterns, geometric shapes, and learning different objects create different paint effects. We will also be creating different projects which can be used for “cool downs” and  talking about how art can be a type of meditation used for cooling down. 

Food Science-Patricia Weiserth: In the “Lion King”, Nola tells Simba that it’s not polite to
play with your food. But, there’s so much we can do to experiment with it! Topics relate to using food and the science behind it- like investigating- sugar in your drink, fat in milk, the shell on an egg, how does popcorn pop…doing some experiments, research and more.


This would be held for students in Grades 3-5. This activity would promote alternate learning activities through experimentation, science, and technology.