James W. Lilley Elementary

Home and School Association

Officers for 2019-2020

Sarah Buck-Moore

Stephanie Garriel

Kelly McKenzie

Council of Schools

Stacey Stollsteimer

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HSA Meeting Dates for 2019-2010
*Meetings take place in the Lilley Library at 6:30 pm 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Thursday February 6, 2019

Tuesday, March 12, 2018 @ Barnes & Noble Deptford

Wednesday, April 29, 2019

Monday, June 1, 2019

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lilley Elementary Home and School Association is to promote the best educational opportunities possible for the children and to ensure their well-being. The following is a description of the positions and committees that help us achieve our mission.


10.  It’s a great way to meet other families with children the same age as your own.

9.  You’ll play an integral role in your children’s early learning experiences.

 8.  You’ll help to raise money for a great cause – your children’s education!

 7.  You’ll get to know the teachers and understand their needs and ideas.

 6.  It’s one more way to interact with school administrators, like the Principal.

 5. You can create, plan and execute fun events for the whole family.

 4. It’s fun! We do a lot, and although it isn’t always easy we try to have fun along the way.

 3. You’ll experience feelings of self-worth and seeing your efforts pay off in the smiles of your children and their friends.

 2. Everyone has different talents and skills they can bring to the Home and School Association.

 1.  And, finally, the number one reason to join us … WE NEED YOU!

Officers and their roles:


The President is responsible for the supervision and proper functioning of all activities of the organization and interpretation of the by-laws. 

Vice President

The Vice President's role is to assist the President and assume the duties of the president in his or her absence.

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary keeps the Minutes of the general and executive board meetings and keeps a permanent file of same to be retained by the Home and School Association.


The Treasurer maintains custody of funds approved by the board in an authorized bank account, pays all bills approved by the board, and submits a report of business transactions by the HSA that includes all monies received and expended.

Council of Schools

Two representatives from the Lilley HSA attend the Council of Schools meetings every other month. This council consists of other district elementary, middle, and high school parent representatives, School Board members and our School Superintendent. The purpose of these meetings is to give each of our schools a chance to hear about specific events relating to our school system. The school Superintendent provides an update of significant events in our district. Ideas, concerns and special happenings are shared by all. This Committee is a great source for keeping abreast of the school system within our Township.



Several fundraisers are held throughout the school year to augment the Lilley School budget. Monies raised are used to purchase items such as recess equipment, computers, video equipment, projectors, ceiling fans, etc. In addition, funding for school assemblies (educational programs) are also supported by HSA fundraisers.

Holiday Bazaar

A Holiday Bazaar is held every year during early December. It's an opportunity for Lilley School children to purchase inexpensive gifts for immediate family members just in time for the holidays. Gift items are coordinated through the HSA Holiday Bazaar Committee.

Bingo/Basket Auction

This committee is responsible for organizing the Bingo night held in the winter.  They need to solicit local business to donate items or gift certificates. The chairperson of this committee coordinates the event, prepares tickets and oversees advertising.

School Store

The School Store Committee purchases items and runs the store once a month during lunch time. This is a fun way for children to learn how to handle money, responsibly and to build their self-esteem.

The Spirit Committee encourages the student body to show their school spirit by purchasing tee shirts or sweat shirts bearing the school colors and wildcat mascot. In addition, some school items are available for sale, such as pencils and folders. Items can be purchased at Back to School Nights, Conference Weeks, and other special events. During the school year forms will be sent home to order new spiritwear. On Spirit Days they are responsible for tallying the percentage of students per class who are showing school spirit (wearing red/white/black or School T-shirts). Banners are displayed on one the classroom per grade who has shown the most spirit.

5th Grade

The representatives of this committee are responsible for buying and decorating t-shirts given out at the Recognition Awards Ceremony. The representatives are also responsible for organizing a pizza/drink party after the ceremony concludes. This committee also works on the yearbook that is made for the 5th grade students. The HSA contributes to some of the cost of both the t-shirts and the year end party. The representatives are also responsible for coordinating fundraisers to help 5th grade defray the cost of their class trip.

Box Tops for Education

This representative is responsible for collecting General Mills/Betty Crocker box tops located on the top of various products. The Lilley School children will bring the box tops into their classrooms and the representatives will gather them into bundles and send to General Mills. General Mills will then send a postcard to the representative stating how much $ will be sent to Lilley School. The HSA will reimburse for postage for sending box tops to General Mills.

Helping Paws

This committee was created to help teachers prepare packets, staple tests and homework, cut and trace, laminate, and other various projects during school hours. This work can also be done at home with the permission of the chairperson(s).