Charles W. Lewis Middle School

Mission Statement

The entire Charles W. Lewis Middle School community is dedicated to providing for the unique development needs of the early adolescent. Our school exists to provide the best program for all students. Our practices are founded on solid middle school research and our decisions are based on the social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of the 11 to 14 years old. Our goal is to maintain a “Kid-Centered” Program that focuses on concerns for enhancing self-esteem and human relations. These factors will make “kids” feel better about themselves and are positively related to increased achievement and the other goals of middle level education.

Academically we will provide a rich, challenging, and diversified program that focuses on mastery of the New Jersey Core Content Curriculum Standards and the development of an appreciation for life-long learning.

Our overall organization will provide for a gradual transition from the elementary to a readiness for high school via a philosophy that represents the ideals of middle level education. Our core program provides small communities for learning within the larger school building. The entire school community will be sensitive to the needs of the young adolescent, recognizing that this will enhance the quality and effectiveness of instructional time and student achievement.

The Lewis School is a community onto itself and committed to respecting the rights and feelings of all people. The value of individual contributions, mutual respect and community service serves as a guide for school and community behavior. We believe in active participation and involvement on the part of parents, students, and school personnel as partners in the process of developing a safe, stimulating and respectful school climate. We must all work together to insure success for each individual and to a larger degree success for the entire Charles W. Lewis School Community.

Be Safe

Be Responsible

Be Respectful