Charles W. Lewis Middle School

Welcome the Lewis Middle School’s web page. I hope you find this site helpful and informative. Much is going on at Lewis so check in with us often as we will make changes to keep the community informed. Our calendar is full of each month’s schedule for school events and athletics. We have a list of the many clubs and activities taking place after school as well. I also encourage everyone to get involved with the Lewis Home & School Council. Please consider joining because the HSC is a vital part of the Lewis Family and we need your help. Contact the school for additional information. As communication is a key component to life at C.W. Lewis, I frequently email the Tribe Notes to parents and guardians as reminders for upcoming events or happenings. If you do not get the emails or mass texts please check the Parent Portal to make sure your information is correct. Below you will see how Lewis can be summed up, we call it the Lewis Way:​​​​​​​

 • Culturally rich and diverse students who can learn in a safe and nurturing educational environment that meets and respects their social, emotional, and academic needs.

• A philosophy based on the school being the core of the community where students, parents, and educators are all essential to success.

• Educators and staff who cultivate a family environment that is supportive, flexible, and motivating where students can become independent, critical thinkers and problem solvers.

• High standards and clear expectations in the areas of academics, personal responsibility, and conduct, which are outlined and maintained for all. One School. One Community. One Family. One Tribe