Ann A. Mullen Middle School


The school was built to relieve the overcrowded conditions at the two other middle schools, Glen Landing Middle School and Charles W. Lewis Middle School.

The school was named in honor of our township's beloved former mayor, Ann A. Mullen, because of her lifelong support of education, her love of children and her fondness for the Erial section of Gloucester Township, where the school is located.

This special relationship between a mayor and her constituency's children was formally recognized at the dedication of the Ann A. Mullen Middle School, which took place on September 29, 1996. This special ceremony gave official recognition to the successful opening of the Mullen School, which was the result of the hard work and long hours put in during the summer months by the staff, parents, and students of the Mullen Community.

During the months of July, August and September a transformation occurred and what was once only a building became a school. The process of educating the early adolescent population that the Mullen School housed became the focus of everyone's efforts as the summer ended and the school year began.