School Board

Principal Evaluation System

Gloucester Township Public Schools’ administrators have an incredible impact on teaching and learning in our schools.  We believe all of our students deserve to attend high-quality schools lead by excellent principals.  The 2013-2014 school year marked the beginning of a new era in evaluation.  Under TeachNJ,​​​​​​​ a law passed by the New Jersey Legislature, all districts are required to implement new educator evaluation systems.  Improving principal and teacher evaluations simultaneously guarantees that we are all taking the necessary steps toward raising student achievement in Gloucester Township.  Our principals are dedicated to leading student centered schools where children learn in a rigorous and safe environment. 

AchieveNJ, the new system of evaluation, requires multiple measures of performance to evaluate principals.  These measures include both student achievement and principal practice.  All principals and assistant principals are included in this system.  Student achievement is measured using three components: Student Growth Objectives, Administrator Goals, and Student Growth Percentiles.  Student Growth Objectives are based on the average teacher SGO score in the school and account for 10% of the principal’s evaluation.  Administrator Goals account for 10% of the evaluation and reflect goals which the principal sets such as increasing scores on standardized tests or increasing growth on STAR assessments in ELA and math.  The final 30% is connected to the school’s SGP.  All of these measures are a reflection of the entire school and account for 50% of the principal’s rating.

 The remaining 50% is measured using two components: Principal Practice and Evaluation Leadership.  Principal Practice is measured through observation using Marzano School Leader and accounts for 30% of the evaluation score.  Observations of a principal’s practice by his or her director or superintendent might involve a school walk-through, staff meetings, parent conferences, or other significant school events.  Evaluation Leadership is measured using the New Jersey Principal Leadership Instrument.  It measures the remaining 20% and reflects how well the principal implements the new teacher evaluation system in his or her school.  It includes two domains: Building Knowledge and Collaboration and Executing the Evaluation System Successfully.   Ultimately, using multiple measures of performance ensures a quality evaluation system.

If you would like additional information, please visit the New Jersey Department of Education website AchieveNJ.