School Board

Teacher Evaluation System

Gloucester Township Public School teachers and leaders have the greatest influence on student learning in our schools.  We know that educator effectiveness can and should be measured to ensure that our students have the best teachers in the classroom.  We also know that evaluations should be based on multiple measures that include both learning outcomes (student achievement) and effective teacher practice (teacher observation).  In September 2013, the New Jersey State Board of Education approved regulations outlining specific evaluation policies for New Jersey teachers.  This evaluation system is referred to as Achieve NJ.

Gloucester Township Public Schools uses Marzano Teacher Evaluation for classroom teachers.  Our teachers and administrators have engaged in several hours of training to ensure we reap the maximum benefits of using a comprehensive evaluation system approved by the state of New Jersey.  Teachers are evaluated in four domains: Classroom Strategies and Behaviors, Planning and Preparing, Reflecting on Teaching, and Collegiality and Professionalism.   Each teacher is observed a minimum of three times during the school year. 

Achieve NJ also requires teachers to set Student Growth Objectives yearly.  These objectives are set by the teacher in consultation with administration.  Student Growth Objectives are subject specific but generally cover a substantial amount of the curriculum over an extended period of time.  The process begins with collecting multiple data points to inform the teacher in setting goals that are rigorous yet achievable.  Student progress is monitored throughout the year and culminates with a final student work sample which could be in one of many formats.  Additionally, those teachers who teach math and or language arts to students in grades four through eight and have at least twenty students receive a Student Growth Percentile score based on NJ ASK.  Student Growth Percentiles measure student growth from year to year but require multiple years of data.  This is why third grade teachers do not receive Student Growth Percentile scores as they are the first to administer NJ ASK to students.

Gloucester Township students deserve the best classroom teachers, and we are confident that our system of evaluation will ensure our students have the best teachers. 

If you would like additional information, please visit the New Jersey Department of Education website AchieveNJ.